We come now to a very interesting question in Ecclesiastes 1:10, “Is there anything of which one might say, ‘See this, it is new?’” (NASU) Changes in technology are coming so fast these days it makes one’s head spin. Technological advances have changed the way we do virtually everything, seemingly since yesterday. However, I don’t think that is what Solomon was getting at.

This past week museum personnel dismantled our Apollo 11 exhibit. Really, there were not a lot of items. We displayed a souvenir edition of Life Magazine, the premier photo journal of the day. Additionally, several local citizens donated newspapers covering the mission. We also received several collectables made by the Bradford Exchange that they had marketed heavily at the time. We also looked on the internet to see if there were any items available that a local collector might be interested in purchasing for loan/gift to the museum. It turns out, most of the historical items a museum might be interested in were left at Tranquility Base.

Ecclesiastes has a great deal to say to every generation including mine. The author of Ecclesiastes does not name himself, but the description he gives of himself leaves us with only one logical conclusion: Solomon. The book opens by declaring itself to be the words of a particular person with a particular title. This Hebrew title is used of this one person only and it is only found in Ecclesiastes. It is used seven times in Ecclesiastes. The various versions of the Bible have translated it only two ways: The Teacher or The Preacher. Various dictionaries have agreed that it refers to the person who calls the religious assembly together and then addresses the assembly. In fact, this word is the title of the book. Ecclesiastes is the Greek translation of this Hebrew word.

Scams involving fake checks come in many different forms. Every day BBB receives calls from consumers about scammers requesting payment via wire transfer, pre-paid debit cards, Green Dot MoneyPak cards, and even iTunes gift cards. BBB urges consumers to be skeptical any time you are asked to send a portion of a check back to the sender or related party.

On display in your Vanishing Texana Museum is a gift from Pat and Jim Harris of Jacksonville. It’s a very unusual (and valuable) ice cream scoop manufactured by the ICYPI Company. The device measures about 11” in length and the scoop portion measures almost 3 ½” long by 2 ½” wide and ½” thick. But before we can tell you its story, we need to bring everyone up to date with a short history of ice cream itself.

God asks an interesting question in verse 10, “An excellent wife, who can find?” NASU Verse 10 begins a poem that ends with verse 31. This poem lists in great detail many wonderful qualities which if practiced would result in producing an excellent wife, whose worth would be far above jewels.

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Longtime Rockwall resident Peter Chase Sandmore passed away at home at the age of 81 on the morning of June 28, 2019. Pete was born to Siguard, his father, and Faith, his mother, on April 10, 1938 in Chicago, Illinois. The family later moved to New York. He graduated from Scarsdale High Scho…