All around the world, people of different countries can relate to their own holiday traditions. Having a son-in-law from Italy is a rare gift during the holidays. It’s like having a window through which you can experience the rich traditions of a truly unique culture.

Football has become as synonymous with Thanksgiving as a turkey and family gathering. These days it may even be more so! While working on our holiday exhibits, we couldn’t help but wonder how it came to be.

The wicked King Ahab, in control of the whole country, began to covet the vineyard of a man named Naboth. Ahab offered to purchase the vineyard, but Naboth refused the offer because it was the inheritance of his ancestors. Ahab decided to pout, and he pouted so effectively that his wicked wife, Queen Jezebel, came to his rescue. She hatched a plot to have innocent Naboth killed so that her spineless husband could have this thing, which was so important to Naboth, but truly insignificant to the king. It wasn’t enough to have Naboth killed; Jezebel subjected him to the horror of being stoned to death.

In our reading through the Bible, seeking out the questions God asks, we come to 1 Kings 20 where God asked in verse 13, “Do you see this vast army?” Have you ever felt like you were surrounded by a vast army, bent on destroying you and inflicting great humiliation and suffering upon you? That is exactly what King Ahab was facing. You probably remember Ahab. He was a wicked king of Israel, though not as wicked as his wife. Occasionally Ahab showed glimpses of spiritual understanding. In this case, he at first did not, but eventually showed some semblance of trusting in the Lord.

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Cathleen Dupont (Kirk) Waibel of Railyard, County Kilkenney, Ireland; Cazenovia, New York; Sanibel Island, South Carolina; Rockwall, Texas; and Danfuskie Island, South Carolina passed away on Nov. 14, 2019 at the age of 90. She was born on Nov. 21, 1928 to Charles Dupont and Annie (Corry) Ki…