A Monday night road rage led to shots fired near the Huntsville State Park.

Police say a man and his girlfriend in a Hyundai were driving slowly through Montgomery County in the left lane when three men in a black Infinity became enraged. Both drivers exchanged hand gestures, eventually taking the State Park Road 40 exit, followed by all of the passengers exiting their vehicles.

Authorities say the three men began attacking the male victim, who sustained minor injuries. The victims then became angry and vandalized the Infinity, followed with the suspects firing two shots into the victim’s Hyundai.

“This is a great example of why you should not let your temper get the best of you while driving,” said HPD Lt. Jim Barnes.

No one was injured in the shooting and police are working to track down the shooter, whose identity is known.

“This was truly a group effort,” Barnes added. “Detective (Mark) Jenkins did an excellent job working the scene, Barnes said. “We also got help from the Walker County Sheriff’s Office and HPD Cpl. Scott Bennett, who greatly assisted our investigation.”