Grizzard proclamation

Weatherford Mayor Paul Paschall presents Roger Grizzard’s family with a proclamation to name July 18 as “Live Like Roger Day” during the city council meeting on Tuesday evening at city hall. Grizzard, who owned The Pizza Place and served as a Weatherford College trustee, died in May as the result of an auto accident in Lubbock. 

Weatherford City Council approved an ordinance to adopt the Texas Gas Cost of Service Adjustment during the meeting on Tuesday evening at city hall.

Assistant City Manager Brad Burnett said average monthly bills for residential, commercial and industrial are going to decrease starting with the first billing cycle in August.

“As part of our agreement with Texas Gas, the COSA, one half of it is applied to the monthly customer charge and the one half is applied to the volumetric rate,” Burnett said. “This year the COSA resulted in a decrease in the average monthly bill. For residential, the decrease was $1.70 a month. For commercial, it’s $9.11 a month, and for industrial, it was $62.78 a month.”

Resident Darwin Yeary said residents should have a greater decrease in rates.

“The people is what makes a town or a city, and you have to decide who are you for, are you for the people or the utility providers,” Yeary said.

Also during the meeting, R.A. Wiedemann and Associates President Randal Wiedemann gave a presentation to council about the airport feasibility study. Wiedemann said the prospect of a Weatherford airport would be feasible. The study examined political will, cost benefits, market area, demographics and other airport systems, among other things.

“The airport would work if you built it,” Wiedemann said. “The question is whether or not there is the wherewithal, the desire to do it. Without local share financing or the political will, the airport cannot be developed.”

The airport development would cost almost $48.5 million, which includes land acquisition, Wiedemann said. The airport would need 6,000 feet of runway and a terminal of at least 5,000 square feet. In 20 years, the airport would generate 152 jobs, output of about $20.5 million, total incomes of about $7.5 million and would cost more than $1 million in state and local taxes.

Wiedemann said city management of the airport would work best because the city could collect fuel sales.

The next part of the process, if the council determines there is a need for further investigation, would be a site selection and an environmental study after that, Wiedemann said. 

Earlier in the meeting, Mayor Paul Paschall proclaimed July 18 — which was community icon Roger Grizzard’s birthday — as “Live Like Roger Day.”

Grizzard died on May 25 in Lubbock in an auto crash. His wife of nearly 45 years, Jeanine, and son Tyler were with him during the accident and survived. Tyler Grizzard has endured injuries from the accident. Grizzard was an active figure in the Weatherford community. He owned The Pizza Place on South Main Street and served as a Weatherford College trustee for 22 years, including two years as chairman.

“This is also a call to service and a call of expectations from the mayor and the council to our citizens,” Paschall said. “While July the 18 is ‘Live Like Roger Day,’ we’re asking you to carry this forward. If you want to honor Roger, I think this family will tell you that that’s exactly how you do that.”

The next regular meeting is July 23.