The Rockwall High School men’s gymnastics team completed in the regional championship meet last week at Highland Park High School – the team finished with a season high (and school history) high score for day two, and took first place in the region.  The team now heads to the state championship meet this week.

Results from regionals are below:


1st - 338.85 Rockwall

2nd - 319.35 Lakeview

3rd - 316.45 Highland Park

4th - 311.65 Rockwall-Heath

5th - 75.3 Richardson

6th - 69.8 Irving

7th - 31.7 Garland

8th - 13.5 Nimitz




2nd - Zakary Hemphill

3rd - Zane Larman

5th - Aaron Cory

7th - Preston Gage

8th - Will Campbell


Pommel Horse:

1st - Louis Jelic *Regional Champion*

3rd - Wyatt Logan

6th - Chase Nowaczyk

8th - Zane Larman

10th - Brett Garcia



1st - Preston Gage *Regional Champion*

3rd - Trey Wolfe (tie)

3rd - Bryan Kottke (tie)

5th - Ryan Szafran

6th - Scott Mackenzie



1st - Aaron Cory *Regional Champion*

3rd - Zane Larman

5th - Brett Garcia

7th - Preston Gage (tie)

7th - Brock Burk (tie)

9th - Will Campbell


Parallel Bars:

2nd - Osiris Gomez

3rd - Preston Gage

5th - Michael Gomez

6th - Will Campbell

9th - Scott Mackenzie


High Bar:

2nd - Jack Butcher (tie)

2nd - Aaron Cory (tie)

6th - Michael Gomez

9th - Will Campbell


All Around:

8th - Preston Gage


Full Results:


Click on anything under "Region 1 Boys"

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