Rockwall County citizens are voting whether or not to support a $100 million road bond issue.

Slated improvements to four major state roads in the county will cost $310 million; it is the county’s “ponying up” of $100 million which will leverage the remaining two-thirds state and federal governments.

Just as critical, it allows the county to pay for preparation so that when the Texas Department of Transportation “lets” projects, it chooses Rockwall County projects first.

Bond passage should not affect taxes any more than three cents per $100 valuation over 10 years, after all debt is issued, according to bond analysis provided by the county’s bond consultant, Boyd London and Associates. “This is a worst-case scenario for a home valued at $190,000” per the Building Better Roads Citizens Committee.

Tax impact is based on a 6 percent growth rate for the next 10 years, which is less than half of the growth rate of the last four years.

Bonds would be sold every two years, though sales could be farther apart should construction slow.

Phase 1 would fund improvements on four major thoroughfares crossing Rockwall County: north and south farm to market roads 549 and 740, and east and west state highways 66 and 276. The $100 million is one-third the amount needed, and will leverage the state and national funding bringing the total to $310 million.

Any leftover money can go toward Phase II roads: six farm to markets and one state highway, which move traffic within the county’s corners.

Representatives from all county municipalities agreed on the priorities as presented by the Building better Roads Committee in presentations throughout the summer.

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