It was a close decision I must admit; either stay home and watch game seven of the Dallas Mavericks and San Antonio Spurs playoff dispute, or go and watch one of my favorite live bands, SOUND Team perform.

But no matter how much I love the Mavericks, I could not bring myself to aid in such a blasphemous decision.

So, despite the hatred I was to receive from all of my friends for skipping out on a once in a lifetime game, I went to the Gypsy Tea Room in hopes of finding some sanctuary for my decision. Little did I know that once I would enter the club, everyone inside of it was huddled around the bar watching the game on the TV. Eureka! I was saved! And the best part about it was that the band was kind enough to wait until the game was over to play their set. What a bunch of strapping gentlemen, eh?

And once the Mavericks won their game, SOUND Team won the crowd, which went crazy and bliss entered everyone instantly. So, how could this possibly be a bad show?

SOUND Team is one of the premiere bands from Austin who recently signed to the major label of Capitol Records and are well deserving of their recent notoriety. After their well received Work EP, which features incredible pop songs like “The Fastest Man Alive”, along with touring constantly, they came back with a full 11-song album titled “Movie Monster.”

Their entire set on the night of the Mavericks victory consisted of tunes from “Movie Monster”.

Their set had all the standard SOUND Team kicks, such as catchy melodies, rippin guitar riffs, weird noises from their Moog, but this time their set just seemed different.

I’ve seen these guys several times before and not once have they seemed as tight and solid as a band together as they were that night. They seemed flawless and cocky, which is a dangerous combination, but it sure worked for these guys.

Oh, did I mention that SOUND Team wasn’t even the headlining band? They were opening for the New York based band Elefant for which I didn’t even stay for. SOUND Team was enough for me that night. Besides, I had to go and bask in the glory of the Mavericks victory.

Dallas was the last stop of SOUND Team’s tour before heading home to Austin for one more show and a couple weeks of break before heading back out on the road to England for a few shows and a west coast tour.

You can get SOUND Team’s Work EP in stores now. “Movie Monster” will be available June 6. They will be coming back to Dallas June 30 at The Cavern on Greenville Avenue.

For more information on SOUND Team, visit their Web site at

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