Freebirds offers a variety of choices in fillings and sauces for their burritos.

The first time I tried a Freebirds’ burrito I was severely underwhelmed. For the life of me I couldn’t figure out what all the hubbub was about.  Man, am I glad I gave it another shot.

I played it safe the first time I walked into the new restaurant and that was my critical mistake. My palate requires a bit of diversity and some spice to satiate my hunger. Bland was the direction I took my first Freebirds experience and that is the key reason I was disappointed. I ordered a medium sized burrito – called The Freebird – and started with a wheat tortilla. I filled it with cilantro lime rice, chicken, tomatoes, mixed cheeses, lettuce, sour cream and cilantro.

As I said my reaction to this concoction was disappointment. Everything about it was good. The ingredients were all fresh and flavorful, but the overall taste left me wanting.

My second trip to Freebirds spurred a very different reaction. A cayenne tortilla for starters filled with Mexican rice, chicken, corn salsa, grilled poblano peppers and onions, cilantro and sour crime created an explosion of flavor. It was amazing. I didn’t want the cylindrical delight to end. The tortilla was spicy, but not overwhelming. The corn salsa tangy and the poblano and onions were crisp. I loved everything about the burrito.

This led me to the realization that my disappointing first experience was completely my fault. I didn’t take advantage of the all the options Freebirds offers. Although I didn’t enjoy the bland burrito I created the fact that they can create such a wide range of tastes makes them incredibly strong.

Places like Chipotle and Chilosos offer great defining tastes but tend not to deviate from that taste. Freebirds offers an eclectic array of ingredients and options that will appeal to all types of diners. Those who don’t enjoy excessive spice have the opportunity to get fresh food without starting a fire in their mouth. Those who enjoy a taste bud brush fire have the ability to set their tongue on fire with salsa and dressings – the Death Sauce and Habanero Sauce are particularly effective when it comes to a little mouth pep.

Freebirds also succeeds in creating delicious and plentiful desserts. The Pot Brownie is huge. Most will have some to take home and it’s absolutely delicious. Chocolate chips coat the cake, which is moist and plentiful in flavor. It truly succeeded in making me happy as was promised by its label. No drugs are needed to reach a state of euphoria when dining on this dish.

All in all Freebirds is pretty close to fantastic. The food is fresh; the portions are plentiful and customizable and the environment if friendly. Finally the place offers wonderful variety that I don’t think any other restaurant of its type can boast.

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