The Rockwall County Sheriff's Office on Friday released a statement regarding the arrest of four individuals at a protest outside of the county courthouse on Thursday.

According to the release, Sheriff's Deputies arrested four people at a protest for 1st Amendment advocates Thursday after they began defacing county property with colored chalk. Reports surfaced online Thursday that vulgarities and anti-police statements were being written outside of the courthouse, but the police statement did not specify what was written.

Lorraine Hendricks of Tucson, Arizona, Kyle Shockley of Tybee Island, Georgia, Patrick Roth of Ferris, Texas, and Christina Phillips of Berryville, Arkansas were all arrested for Criminal Mischief.

A charge of Criminal Mischief can be anywhere between a Class C Misdemeanor or a First-Degree Felony depending on the value of damages.

As of Friday afternoon, none of the four that were arrested were shown currently in the Rockwall County Detention Center.

The police statement continued to say that the protest continued until about 5 p.m. on Thursday without further incident.

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