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At a special session meeting Monday, the Rockwall Independent School District Board of Trustees approved the final 2019-20 compensation plan for all employees, including a salary increase for all school professionals.

The state’s required minimum salary increase estimate for Rockwall ISD totaled $1.6 million, but the district opted to exceed the minimum estimate by allocating $3.3 million for salary increases.  

As a result of the state legislature’s increased funding for Texas public schools, the board approved a salary increase on average of 3.5 percent to 4 percent for teachers, librarians and nurses, depending on years of experience per House Bill 3. The same categories of professionals with fewer than five years of experience will receive a flat salary increase of $2,000, and those with five or more years of experience will receive an increase of $2,100. 

All other RISD staff will receive a 3 percent pay increase. 

The starting teacher salary for RISD will also increase to $53,500. In addition, Trustees continue to support a $361 monthly contribution toward health insurance premiums for all employees.  

The Rockwall ISD property tax rate is projected to lower by 7 cents in 2020 due to the recently passed House bill and its increased school funding.

The district also announced Monday that it will meet all of its 2015 Bond payments without any expected increase to the debt service tax rate. 

The district, in a prepared statement, also expressed its appreciation for the “RISD Board of Trustees and its continued support of our teachers and staff. We also want to recognize the work of our legislators, who supported public education funding this past session enabling additional compensation for our hard-working RISD educators.”

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