HEATH - In the City of Heath’s only contested race, Julie Zurek topped Jerry Hogan with 467 votes to retain her seat on the Heath City Council.

“I’m doing a lot better now that it’s over,” Zurek said. “I have to thank everybody for their support and help. I think this shows that the citizens like what the city is doing, and is pleased in the direction that the city is headed. They’re pleased with the city council. I also need to thank the mayor, the council, and the city staff. It takes a team effort to do this. We have great support in all areas,” Zurek said.

Hogan received 284 votes. Even though he lost, he said that he is committed to the City of Heath.

“Mrs. Zurek did an excellent job of getting out the vote; much better than I did. It’s discouraging to lose but I’m fully committed to the City of Heath and will do everything that I can to help the government of the City of Heath,” Hogan said.

A total of 752 ballots were cast in the election. Heath has approximately 4,386 registered voters and a population of 6,200.

John Ratcliffe and Lorne Liechty, both running unopposed, will serve another term on the city council. Ratcliffe, the current mayor of Heath received 641 votes. Liechty, incumbent in place five, received a total of 604 votes.

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