For those who are interested in the health care bill being considered by Congress, an easily accessible website contains it, as well as bills in full.

• Type “” in the address line of the browser.

A page from the Library of Congress appears, and in red letters, “HR3200: America’s Affordable Health Choices Act of 2009” is the top item.

Click it, and a variety of options on what to view out of the bill are presented.

Other bills, including those already passed, may be searched through this site as well.

Another way to reach the site is:

• Type “library of congress” in the search slot of the browser.

Choices are given. Select “Library of Congress Home”, which should be the top selection on the page of choices.

This takes you to Library of Congress home page. It shows rotating pictures in the upper right section, as well as a series of six tabs.

• One of the tabs is “THOMAS.” Click it, and then, within the picture, click “GO.”

This brings you to the same page as “”.

On Wednesday, the Herald-Banner called the Rockwall office of District 4 Congressman Ralph Hall to ask about the bill. Staffers said calls are coming in all day every day for this information on the health care bill.