When Bill Broderick became a Fate city councilman, everyone had “some elbow room.”

That was back in the early 2000s when Fate was a little town of only 497 residents.

Broderick is now mayor and Fate is still a small town by most people’s standards. But the 2010 census has Fate basking in the spotlight as the state’s fastest growing city over the last 10 years.

Fate experienced 1,179 percent growth during the last decade, surging from 497 residents in 2000 to 6,357 in 2010.

Rockwall County and all other cities in the county — with the exception of the county’s smallest town — experienced dramatic growth over the last 10 years.

The county grew by 81.8 percent over the last 10 years, going from 43,080 in 2000 to 78,337 in 2010

Following are population figures for the other Rockwall County cities:

• Royse City, 2,957 in 2000 to 9,349 in 2010 for a 316 percent increase.

• Rockwall, 17,976 in 2000 to 37,490 in 2010 for a 108.5 percent increase

• Heath, 4,149 in 2000 to 6,921 in 2010 for a 66.8 percent increase.

• McLendon-Chisholm, 914 in 2000 to 1373 in 2010 for a 50.2 percent increase.

• Mobile City, 196 in 2000 to 188 in 2010 for a 4 percent decrease.

Even though residents in the seven-square-mile town of Fate have less elbow room today, city officials expect to see continued growth.

“Absolutely, we’re not finished yet,” City Manager Vicki Mikel said when asked if she expected Fate to continue growing.

She said the city’s top three subdivisions have room to grow.

Wood Creek has homes built on about a third of the subdivision’s 5,333 lots. Williamsburg has only 20 completed houses and 1,869 lots. And Spring Meadows has 603 lots. Construction on the subdivision’s last phase is under way.

Broderick and Mikel explained why they think Fate has grown so fast.

“You can see the spread in the Metroplex,” Broderick said. “In the Dallas area, for instance, you can see the expansion and, of course, we used to be out in the country, and now Rockwall County is becoming another element. We’re not Dallas County, but we’re getting as populated.”

“I would say mainly that the growth is going east,” Mikel said. “If for nothing else, we are enjoying the age-old adage of location, location, location. We’re right off I-30. It’s an easy commute to downtown Dallas and you can hit 635 and go anywhere you want to go in the Metroplex.”

The 2010 U.S. Census data was released this week.

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