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Erica Kuntz (left) and Julia Kim won Outstanding Soloist awards during the UIL State Solo and Ensemble Contest in Austin on Memorial Day. As a whole, the Orange Wave Band won 30 total medals.

The Orange Wave Band from Rockwall High School won a total of 30 medals on Memorial Day while competing at the UIL State Solo and Ensemble Contest in Austin.

Rockwall had more than 40 students play or twirl for the state’s highest individual and small ensemble honors. Two from RHS – senior twirler Erica Kuntz and freshman flautist Julia Kim – received Outstanding Soloist awards.

Gold medal winners from Rockwall High School include Alex Bridges, Erica Kuntz, Julia Kim, Jonathan Molinar, Jon Phelps, Enrico Trevisani, Zach Williams, Jordan Pettigrew, Joseph Hackenbracht, Kaan Toy, Marina Conner, Matthew Ewing, Brynn Siciliano, Dananh Ton, Daria Smetana, and Christina Pinkerton.

Silver medals were earned by 13 indivuduals, including Kelsey Lyle, Christina Pinkerton, Emily Smith, Jonathan Molinar, Dananh Ton, Alex King, Chris Vu, Natalie Pang, Blake Collins, Victoria Darrington, Devin Becker, Ben Fields and Julia Kim.

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