Being reviewed are signatures on a liquor election petitioning that liquor by the drink be sold in the City of Fate. The city already has selling of beer and wine for off-premise consumption.

The Rockwall County Elections Administration office is checking the more than 300 names affixed to the petition; if 258 are verified to be Fate residents who were registered to vote at the time of application signing, then the petition for the election is valid.

That would allow the Rockwall County commissioners, on Aug. 25, to call an election to take place in November 2009.

“Only people living in Fate and registered to vote are eligible to sign it (petition),” said Rockwall County Elections Administrator, Glenda Denton.

The office verifies the names match the criteria; the office does not verify that the signature is that particular person’s signature.

“We don’t verify signatures; we verify that the person lives in Fate,” Denton said.

It was a group called “City of Fate Citizens for Economic Progress”, which circulated the petition, Denton said.

The original application of 10 signees, verified by the elections office, which made the petition circulation possible, was turned in by Henry “Hank” T. Marvcesim-Ramos, Denton said.

Viki Mikel, city manager of Fate, said the City of Fate Citizens for Economic Progress is not appointed by the city council.

“We had a group approach us,” she said. “We pointed them to Glenda’s office. They received over 300 signatures and they are being verified now.”

The city can not advocate for or against the vote, but can educate as to facts, Mikel said.

The election will actually be a county election, Denton noted, though limited to Fate residents who are registered to vote. She said that election law requires that any city totally within the county be a county election. For example, Royse City, which lies in three counties, was responsible for its liquor election last November, though it contracted with the county elections office to run it. However, the City of Rockwall’s liquor election in November 2007was a county election. Also in November 2007, the City of Fate citizens voted to sell beer and wine for off-premise consumption.


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