A little more than a month ago, the National Socialist Movement announced plans to hold a rally in Rockwall. Just days before the rally is set to take place, there has been no indication that the event will not happen, and elected officials from Rockwall County — as well as the City of Rockwall — are choosing to remain quiet on the subject.

According to a press release distributed in early October, the National Socialist Movement (NSM) will hold a national rally Saturday at 3 p.m. in front of the Rockwall County Courthouse at 1111 East Yellow Jacket Lane.

As of Tuesday, the group’s website — NSM88.org — still shows the rally as an upcoming event. However, local elected officials are refraining from commenting on the event, as several phone messages left for a number of county and city officials have been unreturned. Others declined to comment.

In the press release, the NSM encourages “like-minded organizations from around the nation” to show up and support the movement. NSM leader Jeff Scoep said in the release that the event “will be a rally against illegal immigration and in defense of the American way of life.”

Another NSM member quoted in the press release said the rally will be a “show of force,” and also that “we have everything from illegal alien gangs to violent druglords and even mystery illnesses crossing over America’s border from Mexico. The good people of mainstream and middle America will not tolerate this rampant injustice anymore.”

Another activist group — Anonymous North Texas (ANT) — has also announced plans to hold a “counter protest” at the same time in opposition of the white supremacist group.

The organization created an event on its Facebook page, encouraging ANT supporters to band together and show up to protest NSM’s presence in Rockwall. A post on the ANT Facebook page says “Neo-Nazi hunting season begins with a counter protest against the Nazi rally ... masks and flags are priority at this event.”

The NSM party’s website states that an after-event will take place on private property with barbecue and a “swastika lighting.”

A similar rally by another group was scheduled to take place in August, in front of the courthouse in downtown Greenville. However, when the scheduled date and time arrived, no representative from or supporter for the group showed.

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