A local man, who already had an extensive criminal record, is back in custody again after being arrested in Kaufman County for allegedly being in possession of three pounds of methamphetamine.

Jack O’Neil Hargrove, 47, of Royse City was arrested at a hotel in Terrell by the Kaufman County Sheriff’s Office on the night of December 6 along with Sharon Boatright, 48, of Terrell, Connie Krystine Boatright, 17 also of Terrell, and Crystal Leann Jordan, 30, of Greenville, following a combined investigation by the Hunt County Sheriff’s Office Narcotics Division, Hunt County Constable Terry Jones, the Kaufman County Sheriff’s Office and the Rains County Sheriff’s Office, according to Hunt County Sheriff Randy Meeks.

“We got him with quite a bit of dope,” Meeks said. “This was a good hard lick that we got on him.”

 Kaufman County Narcotics investigators received a tip that a possible meth selling operation was set up at the hotel and that the suspect was wanted by another agency on an outstanding warrant and was also known to be armed.

Investigators were also tipped as to a description of the vehicle the suspect was thought to be driving. As investigators set up their undercover operation they noticed the vehicle leaving the hotel. The Malibu was stopped on Interstate 20 and, after gaining consent to search the vehicle, deputies found a bank bag under the drivers seat with baggies of what was believed to be methamphetamine. Deputies also located a bag containing drug paraphernalia and an estimated one pound of methamphetamines.

Investigators executed a search warrant on the hotel room and located the wanted suspect along with one more person. Investigators found two pounds of crystal methamphetamines, cash, and a medicine bottle containing white tablets believed to be Xanax.

The street value of the methamphetamines is estimated to be over $250,000.00.

Hargrove is charged with possession of a controlled substance, more than 400 grams and was being held without bond. Sharon and Connie Boatright were each charged with possession of a controlled substance between 200 and 400 grams, with bond set at $500,000 each. Crystal Jordan is charged with possession of a dangerous drug and bond was set at $100,000.

Meeks said Hargrove has been a large producer and supplier of methamphetamine in the Hunt, Rains, Van Zandt and Kaufman counties.

“The arrest of Mr. Hargrove resulted in the seizure of more than $5,000, plus a total weight of three pounds of methamphetamines that were taken off the streets,” Meeks said. “This has been an on going interagency investigation. I want to commend everyone involved in this arrest and seizure of these illegal drugs. We are going after the drug dealers in our area in an effort to protect the citizens of our respective counties. This is the 42nd drug dealer that we have arrested and put behind bars since I took office in January of 2009. There is still more work to be done.”

Hargrove was indicted by the Hunt County grand jury in May 2009 on two counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and three indictments for abandoning or endangering a child and had pleaded not guilty. Hargrove was alleged to have used a motor vehicle to cause bodily injury to a female victim on June 23, 2008. Three children under 15 years of age were inside the female victim’s vehicle, which Hargrove was alleged to have rear-ended with his automobile.

The charges were dismissed in December 2009 after two of the victims listed in the indictments, who were scheduled to testify against Hargrove, failed to appear for trial.

Hargrove has at least five prior felony convictions; including two for aggravated robbery, one from Rockwall County in 1986 and the other from Hunt County in 1991. Hargrove has also been convicted of burglary of a habitation in Dallas County in 1990, for felony DWI in Dallas County in 1997 and for possession of a controlled substance in Hunt County in 2001.

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