Residents of Rockwall might soon be getting a definitive answer as to the origin of the strange geological formation for which the town was named.

‘America Unearthed’, a documentary-style television show featured on the H2 (History 2) channel, will be bringing their filming crews to Rockwall next week, where they will produce an entire hour-long episode dedicated to ‘unearthing’ the much-speculated mysteries of the rock wall.

The show, whose first season debuted last year and was the highest rated in H2’s lineup, focuses on exploring various different mysteries, artifacts, and anomalies in hopes of revealing an alternative history of the United States.

“The host of the show, Scott Wolter, is a forensic geologist, and what he does is explore a lot of the mysteries of lesser-known things in the United States that have never quite been explained,” said Maria Awes, series producer for America Unearthed. “At the end of every episode we ask our viewers to send in tips about any mysteries that they know about in their own local areas, and we must have received well over 100 tips from local residents about the rock wall.”

While television officials could not reveal many details about the nature of their exploration of the historical site, Awes said that they will be granted a significant amount of access to study the wall beyond the outcropping of the stone archway, which is the only visible above-ground piece that residents can currently see.

The wall is rumored to run several stories beneath the earth along several miles throughout the city, and its origins have never been determined.

“I personally think this is going to be one of our more interesting and compelling episodes,” Awes said. “It’s important for locals to know their history and where their town came from, and there seems to be a strong sense of community tied to this small-town mystery. We’re going to be able to do a more extensive dig than I think anyone has ever done before, and hopefully we’ll be able to help connect people with Rockwall’s true origins.”

‘America Unearthed’ will film throughout the city beginning on April 7 and will shoot through the week. In order to keep their findings shrouded in mystery until the episode’s air date, which has yet to be determined, the set will be closed to the public.

“We always wish we could have an open set, but unfortunately because of the nature of the material and our show that just isn’t something we can do,” Awes said. “But we know that this is an exciting thing for the town, so if anybody sees the crew or our host around town, we want them to feel free to come up and talk to us. We won’t be able to reveal any details to anyone, but we love to hear people’s stories and get their feedback. The show will most definitely be worth the wait. I think at the end of the episode, people will finally have the answers they’re looking for.”

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