HEATH - At the June 1 meeting of the Heath City Council Patrick Montgomery officially stepped down after 10 years of service as the Municipal Judge for the City of Heath.

Montgomery was presented with a plaque from the city council in commemoration of his service.

“That’s not an easy job, and not one sometimes where you make a lot of friends,” said Heath Mayor John Ratcliffe. “Especially when you live in a community where the relatives, sons, and daughters of your neighbors are the ones who appear before you. You have to appreciate that, and yet set it aside, and do what’s right and fair and best.

“Patrick has done that as our municipal judge for 10 years. We hate to lose him, but he has a wonderful opportunity for himself and his family in Atlanta. We really hate to see you go, and you will be missed. But you know that you’re always welcome to come back,” Ratcliffe said.

“I really thank you all,” Montgomery said. “It’s been a pleasure and honor to be here. Thanks for all the help that I’ve received. I’ve taken a position in Atlanta where I’ll be the general counsel for an aviation company, which is what I’ve been doing all my life. I’ve started leaning toward retirement, so I look forward to getting back when I can.”

In addition to Montgomery’s service as the municipal judge. His wife, Roxie, has also served on the city’s Special Events Board and was recognized for that as well as various positive contributions to the community.