The American Heart Association is coming to Rockwall to promote the “My Health, My Life” campaign with HeartChase, a movement to influence healthy eating, exercise, and the general improvement of health.

HeartChase began in 2011, when the American Heart Association chose several cities to try out the program, and will make its return to Rockwall on Sept. 7 at The Harbor.

“Rockwall took a stand in the first year and led the country with several benchmarks both in revenue as well as in participation under Dr. Kurt Pflieger,” said Brooke Domek, American Heart Association representative.

This event will be the third time Rockwall has hosted HeartChase. The competition is designed to actively engage participants in learning how to live healthier lives.

Throughout the event, games such as building a real food pyramid or memorizing an exercise routine will earn teams points.

Participants have the option of using the HeartChase app to monitor scores, view game map updates, view sponsors, and share photos though Facebook and Twitter.

At the end of the event, the team with the most points will be declared the HeartChase champion.

However, the competition is not only games. To win, teams must complete checkpoints, some before the event begins, find clues, and raise funds.

The goal to inform people about healthy living is driven by the awareness of unhealthy living.

The American Heart Association says heart disease and stroke are two of the deadliest diseases in America, which can be prevented through eating right and exercising regularly.

Donations will go to the American Heart Association.

Those interested in volunteering or becoming a player can visit, where information is also available about donating and sponsors.

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