The Fate city engineer told city council members this week that they should give themselves a pat on the back for progress that has been made on several major projects.

During the engineer’s report at the Monday night meeting of the Fate City Council, Misty Christian said workers are wrapping up three of the city’s major projects.

“Y’all really, really need to pat yourselves on the back for getting some of these major projects done,” Christian told city council members.

The three projects that have been completed or are nearing completion are construction of Pump Station No. 2; construction of a 16-inch water line along Texas 66; and drainage and paving improvements at Sundrop and Laurel Lane.

Christian said the pump station was built for the city to comply with TCEQ regulations. She said TCEQ, the state agency that mandates water supply in the state, found that Fate didn’t have enough pumps to get water from one part of the city to the other.

With the completion of the pump station, Christian said, the city tripled its pumping capacity and storage.

The station has three pumps, Christian said, with the ability to add pumps as the city grows.

The 16-inch water line project provides a connection from the pump station to Butternut and other parts of the city.

The project, according to Christian, is about two weeks from completion.

Drainage and paving improvements were performed on Sundrop and Laurel Lane, she said, because a substantial amount of water was “ponding” on the road. The road base material was failing, causing the road to sag. Water from rainfall and irrigation would collect in the area.

Along with paving improvements, Christian said the project also included some drainage improvements.

Among action items, the city council approved a resolution that authorized the city manager to begin the planning and development process for city hall, public works and animal control facilities, along with infrastructure relating to the facilities as discussed at a June 4 workshop.

The city council also approved a resolution that called for QBall Design of Rockwall to create “an identity that would involve a consistent and cohesive advertising that builds a brand for the city” as discussed at a June 4 workshop. The fee for Qball services is $6,545.


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