The Fate City Council heard a request this week for assistance in acquiring a house that could be converted into a city museum.

Jo Leonard said she represented the “Fate girls,” eight women who grew up in Fate.

“We’re all octogenarians, and two of us are almost 90,” Leonard, 84, told city council members Monday night.

“I know that you have a committee, but we are the only ones that really know what happened in Fate’s history,” she said.

Leonard said she had been told the current city hall could be used for a museum when a new city hall is built.

“But we may not be alive then,” she said.

Most city museums are located in houses, she said. Leonard then suggested a house that’s “one of the old original houses” in Fate. She said the house is rental property and currently occupied.

Leonard said she and Billie Stevenson, another one of the “Fate girls” who attended the meeting, probably could persuade the owner to sell the house.

“Please remember that when we’re gone, the history’s gone and we don’t want it buried with us. So please think about this,” she told the city council.

Leonard added that she and Stevenson have many historical items in storage.

“If this isn’t taken care of while we’re here, to label it and say where it came from, it’s going to be gone. So, I leave this thought with you,” she said.

The city council took no action on Leonard’s request.

Leonard said after the meeting that the “Fate girls” want to “get busy and preserve the history of Fate.“ She said they already have a display of pictures and memorabilia on display at City Hall.

“But we’ve run out of space,” she said.