The City of Fate apparently won’t be faced with trying to find makeshift facilities for its One-Stop-Shop offices.

During its Monday night meeting, the city council considered authorizing the city manager the authority to enter into a lease agreement with Rodney and Kim Brown for property at 104 E. Fate Main Place.

The suite of offices is home for various city departments, including its One-Stop-Shop offices.

City council members were not pleased with the proposed lease agreement and approved an amended agreement.

At one point during the discussion, council members talked about the possibility that the offices would have to be moved to other locations until a new city hall is built.

City Manager Philip Rodriguez said Wednesday that he had met with the owners and the lease agreement issues apparently had been resolved.

Rodriguez said he would present the new details to city council members at their July 1 meeting.

The city manager told council members Monday night that the proposed lease agreement called for the city to be responsible for maintenance and repairs of the suite of offices, excluding those that involved structural, roofing, mechanical, electrical and plumbing.

The biggest concern involved possible expenses for heating and air conditioning repairs.

The City of Fate could have been required to pay up to $1,500 for repairs.

City Councilman John Stacy dominated the discussion.

“Mayor, I don’t have any questions, but I really don’t like signing a lease where we’re responsible for things that aren’t ours. That just drives me nuts,” Stacy said.

“I don’t know what we’d do, but I just think it’s terrible,” Stacy said later. “It could really hurt us having this kind of stuff in the lease.”

He also said, “It’s not that I don’t want to lease it. I don’t want to lease it with these terms.”

The city council finally approved a motion that called for the landlord to be responsible for all maintenance, repairs and replacements.

The vote was approved by a 4-2 vote.

Voting in favor of the motion were Stacy, Mayor Bill Broderick, Lorne Megyesi and Cameron Cowan. Council members who opposed the motion were Sheri Garber and Steve Skipworth.

Michelle Butler was absent.

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