By Leslie Gibson

Herald-Banner Staff

Another stepping stone to retirement for two local property owners may be just one of the moves that brings a bank and a day care center to Fate, after the city’s planning and zoning commission unanimously approved a designation of neighborhood commercial, for a tract of land in the Raven Ridge subdivision.

No one in the 6:30 p.m. public hearing Monday spoke against changing the zoning from residential to neighborhood commercial, and the change fits the city’s overall land use plan established in 2003. Located at the southwest corner of State Highway 66 and Ben Payne Road, the site consists of 6.58 acres.

Landowners Gene Hale and Grace Madore plan to retire and move to Oregon.

“We’ve been working on this a long time,” city manager Gerry Boren said in a later phone interview, noting that schools and banks help build communities.

Though development plans were presented as part of the zoning case, such items as site plan, plat and building permits are all future considerations. Monday’s nights meeting of the Planning and Zoning Commission was strictly for the zoning.

Plans are for a day care and a branch of First Bank of Farmersville. Yes, the lanes will accommodate dooleys and “west coast mirrors” the designer for the development, Charlie Shearer said in response to a question from Rich Lewis, of the planning and zoning, noting Lavon officials asked the same question in a similar bank project.

Other discussion amongst the commission, the council, the city manager, and the representatives of the proposed development, which will still come before planning and zoning and council in its various planning phases included roads. In friendly conversation, planning and zoning chairman Rock Tolbert said about road upgrade, “We’ll get into that whenever it starts, but yes, its going to be upgraded.” Mary Petty, of the city consultants office advised the commission and council that as far as easements, a developer is only required to dedicate for “what is on the books today.”

Also noted is that the development will be on sewer, with the current septic system removed per state guidelines.

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