There’s still some live people walking around on Elm Street in Royse City, but the “dead” people are ready for the director to call, “Action.” About 100 extras — who also are called background talent — showed up in downtown Royse City Saturday for filming of a promotional trailer for “Creatures,” a science fiction, thriller, horror feature film.

There were some light moments in the war zone on Royse City’s Elm Street Saturday morning.

Movie extras Jessica Bates, Charlene Sparrow and Deana Barrera were covered with made-for-movie blood. They were dead, but they were having the time of their life — so to speak — during filming of a promotional trailer for a feature film called “Creatures.”

“I’m having fun,” 15-year-old Jessica managed to say as she was positioned face-down on the Elm Street pavement. The Rockwall teen was shivering from the cold, but she insisted, “It’s worth it.”

Sparrow and Barrera were nearby. Their bloody bodies were in the grass near the curb.

Barrera joined the 100 or so movie extras — or background talent — because sons Jacob and Josh insisted. She gave in, the Royse City woman said, and what happened? “I end up sprawled out on Elm Street, dead,” she said.

Sparrow brought her Royse City grandsons — Devin Adams, 15, and Dylan Miller, 11.”

The Rockwall woman said she saw the event as a “once in a lifetime experience.” Her comment sparked a chuckle. It just so happened that she “died” during that once in a lifetime event.

“Creatures” will be a science fiction, terror, thriller feature film.

Trapped in the war zone of a psychiatric hospital, a small group of people struggle to survive a deadly creature inside and possibly an even more dangerous monster commanding the military operation on the outside.

The Elm Street action involved a group of screaming teenagers who ran down the street. They were followed by military personnel who were firing their weapons.

The movie set Saturday was the stretch of Elm Street from Main Street to West Church Street. The street was cluttered with litter, wrecked cars. blood and bodies.

The cast includes Burton Gilliam, Van Quattro, Mark Hanson, Hayley Polak, Gary Cairns, Joe Hollow and Matthew Greer.

The director and writer is Samuel Haun. The producer is Kerri Navarro of Black Irish Girl Productions.

Navarro said Royse City became a site for filming because of a suggestion by Haun‘s friend, Mark Witham of The Military Heritage Collection near Nevada.

Haun wanted to use some of Witham’s military vehicles in the movie. In their conversations about vehicles, Haun asked about a small town nearby that would be suitable for the movie shoot. Witham suggested Royse City. There also has been filming at other locations, including Nevada.

“We scouted out Royse City and fell in love with the town,” Navarro said.

“This is one of those times that happened to work out,” Witham said. “It’s one of those rare times where everything clicked.”

Royse City has been “absolutely fantastic,” Witham said, adding that this is a “healthy relationship” between the city and the movie people.

Witham said he is hopeful “Creatures” will open the door for other movie-making opportunities in Royse City. He said this is an “underutilized” area for movies.

Back out on Elm Street, some residents were watching the action from their front porches.

“I like it. I’m enjoying it,” said Danny Price, who has lived on Elm Street about 10 years.

Brenda, his wife, was standing nearby. She also was enjoying the excitement. She asked, “Who would have thought that Hollywood would come to Royse City?”

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