Rockwall County's early voting results are in, and Republican U.S. Senate incumbent Ted Cruz and GOP Congressman John Ratcliffe have won more than two-thirds of the 28,034 early ballots cast in Greenville.

Cruz received 119,578 votes or 69.8 percent of all early votes, and Democratic challenger Beto O'Rourke received 29.6 percent or 8,292 early votes. Libertarian candidate Neal Dikeman carried 164 ballots or 0.6 percent of the total early votes cast.

In the U.S. Congress race for District 4, with incumbent John Ratcliffe (R) facing Democratic challenger Catherine Krantz, Ratcliffe landed 20,310 or 72.2 percent of early votes with Krantz receiving 7,299 or 26.1 percent and Libertarian Ken Ashby pulling in 1.2 percent, or 324 total votes.

Other incumbents at the state level fared similarly well.

Gov. Greg Abbott leads his contest with 74.7 percent of early votes, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick received 39.8 percent, and Attorney General Ken Paxton received 68.3 percent.

Republican State Sen. Bob Hall counted 71.4 percent of early votes, and Republican State Rep. Justin Holland, 73.2 percent.

The Herald-Banner will continue to update this report as final numbers from ballots cast on Election Day are released.

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