Those who enjoy a cigarette with their meals will have to puff up quickly, as smoking is soon to be banned in all public restaurants in Rockwall.

On Monday night the City Council voted unanimously to extinguish the smoking in all food service establishments with a new anti-smoking ordinance in its first reading.

The ordinance was brought forward by Councilmember Stephen Straughan, who claims that he has received overwhelming support from the community for such an ordinance — even from the restaurant managers themselves.

The ordinance was originally set to take effect on May 17, intended to give restaurants the time to prepare for compliance after the second reading. At the request of Councilmember Bob Cotti, the council amended the motion to push forward the effective date of the ordinance to May 1.

The new city ordinance (Sect. 14.44) will make it an offense to smoke in any public food service establishment and provide for a penalty of up to $500.

“The restaurant owners were very pleased with this,” said Straughan in conclusion. “I got no push-back at all.”

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