By Daniel Walker

Herald-Banner Staff

DALLAS — Vice President Dick Cheney praised Texas 4th District Congressman Ralph Hall (R-Rockwall) Tuesday night calling him a man respected by both Democrats and Republicans, as part of fundraiser that kicked off Hall’s re-election bid.

“He (Hall) is on my short list of people I can trust to do what he says – he’s smart, independent and bi-partisan,” the vice president said. “He would rather be honored at home and rejected in DC. He is a man of character, courage and determination. It’s been an honor to serve with him.”

The vice president made the remarks to a packed room of supporters at the Cary Maguire residence in Dallas. Among the supporters on hand were several Rockwall county residents, including city and county officials as well as private citizens.

Cheney’s speech was stopped four times by loud applause as he spoke of current events including the improved situation in Iraq, support of troops, his expectations for the next election and his appreciation of Hall.

“We had a setback last year- but I am confident we will win in ‘08,” he said.

Cheney also addressed the fact that he and the president will leave office after one more year and he is proud of the service they have rendered, and that he is proud of the country’s economic growth out of a recession and recovery from a terrorist attack. Cheney added that he and the President will leave “the country in better shape than we found it” and the offices of the Presidency and the Vice Presidency “will have more honor” than when they took office.

Hall thanked Cheney for his support saying that it had been a great honor to serve with him for ten years in the House of Representatives and saying he “is one of the most distinguished and knowledgeable Vice Presidents in history.”

Afterward, Hall, who was born in Fate and spent 12 years as a Rockwall County judge, spoke of his appreciation for the support he has received locally for the past 27 years he has served in congress, “they are my people, I am working for them.”

Hall added that among other projects he has specific earmarks requested for improvements to local highways that he is hoping to get pushed through congress.

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