Uptown Peacock owner Nikki Dean specializes in styling hair, which is why she created a hair boutique and not a salon.

It’s tough getting out in the world and starting a business. Most end up going to work for someone else and never really chase their dreams of business ownership. Uptown Peacock owner Nikki Dean is not among this group.

In mid-September Dean opened her hair boutique in downtown Rockwall and said her experience has been nothing short of amazing.

“I wanted to open something that didn’t have the stress of a salon,” she said. “I wanted people to come in and relax, but I didn’t want a normal booth environment, so when I found this location I went for it.”

With this attitude, and a love for a certain colorful feathered creature, Uptown Peacock was born. Although located across the street from the Rockwall Republican Party Headquarters in downtown, Dean said the sound of downtown peacock just didn’t seem right, which is why she went with the different name.

Since opening Dean said she has had a lot of success and the people of Rockwall have been more than friendly.

“I grew up here, so I really wanted to open a shop here,” she said. “About 30 percent of my clients are from Dallas, from where I used to work and the rest have just come via word of mouth. The reaction has been great.”

Dean is part of the Merchant’s Association in downtown Rockwall, which according to her has been a major part of her success thus far.

“I worked with Bethany (Golden) the whole time I was getting my business ready and it’s been great,” she said.

Dean has participated in about four events on the square and is working hard on making sure her business stands out.

“Everything makes us stand out,” she said. “That’s why I call it a hair boutique and not a salon.  We don’t do nails, or anything we just focus on hair.”

The feeling of The Square is another reason Dean was drawn to the location. She said she likes the family environment and although anything is possible she is quite happy with the one location she has.

Currently she is the only stylist at Uptown Peacock, but that won’t last too long as she plans to start hiring more employees come January.

For now her clients whether male, or female, walk in, or appointment can come by for a classy uptown hair cut in downtown Rockwall.

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