One of the bad things about getting older is looking around and finding that many of your close friends are no longer with you.

Combine that with the additional friends that are now suffering from Alzheimer’s and related diseases and are in memory care facilities, and one can quickly get depressed.

 But just when things are looking bad, in the mail or from the internet, comes that message inviting you to a “reunion” of your past.

Whether it be your high school graduating class or some organization you have been a part of such as the military, college group, or just a grouping of friends, the message is all inclusive and causes you to seriously consider packing your bag and heading for the upcoming event.

 Maybe its to see how “Buddy” Wilson made it in life, or to renew acquaintances with “Dirty Neck” Golf, or even, heaven forbid, see what that old girl or boy friend looks like after all these years.

You start to wonder about other people you hadn’t thought of for years. How about “Tubby” Lockhart that played fullback next to you on the football team, or “Stinky” Bowen whose Dad owned the local drugstore where you use to get free cokes, or Alice, “The Lovely,” who was homecoming queen. What are they doing now and how did their life turn out?

 So, after much internal debate with yourself, and several spousal discussions, you finally make the travel arrangements to attend that “reunion of the ages”.

 And the big day arrives, and you get to where the announcement says the reunion will be held. You look around, and say to yourself, “Man, did I come to the wrong place because I don’t know anyone”!

 Everyone is wearing name tags and so you start the game of “Do you remember me”? First person you run across is the guy you remembered as “Tubby” Lockhart. Now he is about six foot tall, handsome beyond belief, and he proceeds to tell you how he first invested in the tech revolution and now owns his own company employing 350 people.

Next, it’s “The Lovely” Alice, your homecoming queen, who has forgotten all about the latest diet program, and she tells you she and her husband, “Buddy” Wilson now own a chain of gas stations throughout that part of the country.

 And as you continue to circulate through the crowded ballroom, you start to realize that many of your old friends are still here where you grew up in your hometown and their life is doing well.

They are happy, their kids are grown up and successful, and they too are addressing the same issues that you are even though you are many miles apart.

 What starts out to be a questionable trip back in time turns into a pleasant experience.

 So what’s the point of this short article on reunions?  Our country is going through a difficult time now. We are split about down the middle politically and are facing challenges on the economic front.

Many people are unemployed even though businesses are seeking people to work. We have survived a devastating pandemic that ground our country and our lives to a halt for over a year.

On the world front we face the continued hostilities in the Middle East and the ever-present influence and potential military action of both China and Russia. We have no immigration policy, and our country is being inundated with illegals from the south.

 In the face of all this uncertainty it would be so easy to just give up and succumb to a future of uncertainty and despair. But a simple thing like a reunion may be the thing one needs to remember old friends and many good times.

Give it a chance and see if it is helpful for you.


Jerry Hogan is a former Rockwall County Judge and can be reached at


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