Mummies, mysteries, and mythology were just a few of the independent study projects chosen by the SAGE students of Beverly Stovall at Dobbs Elementary.

The SAGE students were allowed to choose a subject of interest to research using the process taught them by Stovall. They used different sources to take notes using their own words, and were allowed to choose technology or use their own artistic abilities to create products showcasing what they had learned.

Michael Weidman, whose chosen topic was mysteries, said he was very surprised at how attentive the first and second graders were and how eager they were to learn from him. Alexa Hein, whose topic was Greek mythology, said, “I was surprised that the kindergarten, first and second graders were more interested in Greek mythology than the older students. I chose this topic because I had seen something in movies about it.”

Wyatt Richards, who chose mummies reported, “The research was really fun because I learned a lot about the religion of the Egyptians. I got deeper into the mummification process, and on the presentation day, I got to teach the older kids who were so fascinated by what I had learned.”

The students presented their information April 30 in the gymnasium at Dobbs. Parents and guests were also invited. Every student in the school visited each SAGE student’s exhibit.

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