Helping Hands receives donation from Rockwall County EMS

Helping Hands Food Pantry Manager, Sherry Hamm, helped Charles Vinson, a paramedic with Rockwall County EMS, host a food and toiletry drive. Ten area schools participated in the event and collected just more than a ton of goods during the two-week event. All the goods were donated to Helping Hands.

Rockwall County EMS recently concluded a canned goods and toiletries drive with the help of 10 area schools, all of which was donated to Rockwall County Helping Hands.

The schools included both public and private ones throughout the Rockwall and Royse City school districts. The collection lasted two weeks and a total of 2,020 pounds were collected.

Charles Vinson, a paramedic with Rockwall County EMS, organized the event.

“It turned out to be a little more than a ton and we’re tickled about it,” Vinson said. “It’s been a really good experience. We were happy we were able to get it organized.”

The goods collected were donated to Rockwall County Helping Hands, a social service provider that operates a food pantry, health center and bargain store in Rockwall. 

Food pantry manager with Helping Hands, Sherry Hamm, helped Vinson carry out the event and picked up the goods at the end of the collection period. 

“We are always very grateful when we get those calls because we depend on community support for our pantry - I mean that’s where all our food comes from,” Hamm said. “Thanks to the Rockwall EMS for all the work they did, they did a great job.”

Hamm noted that the ton of goods collected would feed about 30 area families for between five days and a week. 

“We’re totally dependent on the community for the food that we get so this was great and we’re really happy,” Hamm said.

The local Home Depot donated the boxes and tape that were placed at every participating location which, Vinson said “was a big help.”

This food and toiletry drive isn’t the first community program Rockwall County EMS has hosted - they have had charity transports and toy drives - and Vinson hopes to have at least another community event before the end of the year. 

“We have some more ideas that we’re working the details out on,” Vinson said. “This is not the first and will not be the last time.”

Both Hamm and Vinson said the hope to continue collaboration between Helping Hands and Rockwall EMS for future drives and events. 

“We already have some ideas for them next year,” Hamm said.


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