Making masks

Rockwall High School National Honor Society students Roel C. Saenz and Joon Oh hand made hundreds of cotton masks for medical centers and law enforcement agencies across the United States facing the COVID-19 pandemic.

During this current pandemic, opportunities for National Honor Society students to give to their community has been limited.

The teachers and the students have had to think out of the box to get the required service hours in and to support their community in positive ways. Roel C. Saenz and Joon Oh, both National Honor Society students at Rockwall High School, decided that they would prefer to help to protect their community and those in need by sewing handmade 100 percent cotton masks.

The teenagers, both in 10th grade, met and helped to sew more than 200 masks, which took more than a week to prepare. The boys and their families then reached out to several medical centers and law enforcement across the United States. The Mayo Clinic in Austin, Minnesota, said that they would be thrilled to receive masks from them because they are still in need of donations from the community.  Also, the students said they were proud when the Rockwall Sheriff’s Department said that they would appreciate donations as well, helping to keep the staff and community safe.

After all was said and done, the boys received more phone calls from agencies saying they would be happy to receive donations. Roel and Joon are considering making more masks in the future.

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