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Williams Middle School recently won the seventh and eighth grade UIL academic titles, marking the 11th consecutive year the school has won earned this distinction.

Make it 11 straight years for Williams Middle School, as WMS recently claimed UIL academic titles at the seventh and eighth grade levels once again, as well as the overall title for the 2014-2015 school year.

The WMS One-Act Play cast also earned a second-place finish at their competition at the Rockwal-Heath Performing Arts Center. Special honors went to Kenedy Matthews for Best Actress and Kyleigh Randolph for Best Technician. Devon Khalsa and Tori St. John-Gilbert were named to the All-Star cast.

In the UIL academic competition, eighth-graders who earned top placements include:

• Art – Kate Watkins and Carah Lytle (T-2nd)

• Calculator Applications – Kate Watkins (1st), Brennan Manning (3rd) and Ethan Jolly (4th)

• Dictionary Skills – Lauren Knotts (2nd), Max Abramsky (3rd) and Keil Pauga (4th)

• Editorial Writing – Dean Blackwell (1st), Addison Schale (2nd) and Emily Henry (3rd)

• Impromptu Speaking – Ryan Szafrain (1st), Lian Collins (2nd) and Jason Dupre (4th)

• Listening – Samuell Williamson (1st), Jenna Wells (2nd) and Sarah Phillips (3rd)

• Maps, Graphs & Charts – Ryan Wang (1st), Sarah Collins (4th) and Ben Hampton (6th)

• Mathematics – Kayleigh Randolph (1st), Brennan Manning (2nd) and Michael Taylor (4th)

• Modern Oratory – Lauren Dobbs (1st) and Jocelyn Peraza (3rd)

• Number Sense – Brennen Manning (1st), Kyleigh Randolph (2nd) and Shawn Conlon (4th)

• Oral Reading – Ashlynn White (1st), Sydney Yeager (2nd) and Sarah Sisto (4th)

• Ready Writing – Catherine Beaudein (3rd) and Bethany Miracle (6th)

• Science – Preston Gage (2nd), Anna Slater (3rd) and Caitlyn Echols (6th)

• Social Studies – Grant Geisler (2nd) and Kate Watkins (6th)

• Spelling – Nick Russo (2nd), Sarah Jackson (3rd) and Bennett Flores (4th)

Seventh-graders who earned top placements include:

• Art –Amerika Embers (3rd), Katelyn Self (5th) and Brittney Sanchez (6th)

• Calculator Applications – Eden Kim (1st) and Noah Ferguson (2nd)

• Dictionary Skills – Madeleine Hunt (1st), Cheyenne Smith (2nd) and Matilda Squire (3rd)

• Editorial Writing – Matthew Barlow (1st), Brooke Lacey (2nd) and Joseph Schaefer (3rd)

• Impromptu Speaking – Courtney Murphey (1st), Haley McGee (2nd) and Jacob Perdue (3rd)

• Listening – Madeleine Hunt (1st), Muthoni Kamau (2nd) and Celia Straight (6th)

• Maps, Graphs & Charts – Ben Vazquez (2nd) and Muthoni Kamau (5th)

• Mathematics – Eden Kim (1st), Karya Venugopalan (2nd) and Desiree DeHart (3rd)

• Modern Oratory – Caleb Gregory (1st) and John Jones (2nd)

• Number Sense – Bryce Sweeny (1st), Muthoni Kamau (2nd) and Celia Straight (3rd)

• Oral Reading – Shelby Wright (2nd), Hayes Hill (3rd) and Susie Wilson (5th)

• Ready Writing – Andre’ Daniel (1st), Isabel Carrillo (2nd) and Abbey Graves (3rd)

• Science – Brittney Sanchez (1st), Megan Woolly (2nd) and Tommy Bechter (3rd)

• Social Studies – Eric Roca (1st), Matthew Barlow (2nd) and Valerie Borland (6th)

• Spelling – Andre’ Daniel (1st) and Connor Stasiak (2nd)

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