Boat explosion

People watch a boat burn after it exploded at The Harbor in Rockwall during a Thursday night concert.

Boat destroyed by fire during Thursday night concert

A family aboard a boat at The Harbor in Rockwall on Thursday evening was lucky to escape without serious burns or injuries, according to Rockwall Fire Department officials.

RFD Chief Mark Poindexter and his crew were aboard the fire department’s boat at The Harbor for the last Thursday night series summer concert of the season — The Stoneleighs, a Rolling Stones tribute band — when they heard a loud explosion.

“I thought at first a transformer blew up,” Poindexter said.

He and his crew navigated their way through the other boats and fired water from the boat’s canon to extinguish the blaze.

Poindexter said a man, woman, family friend and two children had to jump in the water. A boat nearby, he said, took them aboard their boat.

No one was injured during the incident.

The boat, though, was destroyed by the explosion and fire. Poindexter said the boat had an inboard motor and that is where he believes the explosion occurred.

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